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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top 100 Things to Bake!


I was recently browsing the blogosphere for recipes that call for 8 egg yolks, when I came across Martha's Challah recipe on Brown Eyed Baker. She linked to a brilliant list she made of 100 foods she wants to make this year. I think this is such a great idea! I have tons of things that I know I want to bake eventually, but I always forget what they are when it comes time to make something. I'm going to use her list as a starting point, but I'm going to add some of my own things, as well as specific recipes I want to try. I know this list will mysteriously expand itself beyond 100 items. But for now this is my Top 100!

Did I mention I will happily accept recipe suggestions via e-mail? Send them to howtoeatacupcake{at}yahoo{dot}com!

Completed: 10 of 185

Savory Yeast Breads
1. White Sandwich Bread
2. Pullman Bread
3. Sourdough Bread
4. Dutch Oven Bread
5. Potato Bread
6. Parker House Rolls
7. Pain d'Epi
8. Focaccia
9. Soft Breadsticks
10. Fougasse
11. Bagels
12. English Muffins
13. Soft Pretzels

Sweet Yeast Breads
14. Cinnamon Swirl Bread
16. Brioche
17. Babka
18. Pannettone
19. Stollen
20. Zeppoli
21. Yeast Donuts
22. Yeasted Coffee Cake
23. King Cake
24. Monkey Bread
25. Cinnamon Rolls
26. Pecan Sticky Buns
27. Sally Lunn Bread (w/ yeast)

Quick Breads
28. Zucchini Bread
29. Irish Soda Bread
30. Popovers
Beer Bread
32. Sweet Potato Biscuits
33. Scones
34. Morning Glory/Good Morning Muffins
35. Cornbread
36. Sally Lunn Bread (w/o yeast)
37. Cake Donuts

38. Scottish Shortbread
39. Biscotti
40. French Macarons
41. Rugelach
42. Gingersnaps
43. Lebkuchen
44. Thumbprints
45. Checkerboard or Spiral Cookies
46. Graham Crackers
47. Stained-Glass Cookies
48. Linzer Cookies
49. Black and Whites
50. Madeleines
51. Red Velvet Cookies
52. Carrot Cake Cookies
53. Tri-Color Cookies

Brownies & Bars
54. Light Brownies
55. Outrageous Brownies
56. Supernatural Brownies
57. The "Baked" Brownies
58. Seven Layer Bars
59. Applebee's Maple Butter Blondies
60. Mazurkas
61. Fig Newtons
62. Lemon Squares

63. Strawberry Shortcake (Spongecake)
65. Dump Cake
66. Gingerbread
67. Crumb Cake
68. Bluberry Boy Bait
69. Lady Baltimore Cake
70. Lord Baltimore Cake
71. Charlotte Royale
72. Hot Milk Cake
73. Cold-Oven Pound Cake
74. Cream Cheese Pound Cake
75. Tunnel-of-Fudge Cake
76. Strawberry Poke Cake
77. Better-Than-Sex Cake (chocolate version)
78. Tres Leches Cake
79. Checkerboard Layer Cake
80. Jelly Roll Cake
81. Chocolate Cream Roll
82. Sweet and Salty Cake
83. Lemon Layer Cake (ATK's recipe)
84. Chocolate Blackout Cake
85. Whiteout Cake
86. Coconut Layer Cake (Alton Brown's recipe)
Ina Garten's Coconut Cupcakes
88. Minnehaha Cake
89. Carrot Layer Cake
90. German Chocolate Layer Cake
91. Black Forest Layer Cake
92. Flourless Chocolate Cake
93. Genoise
94. Sacher Torte
95. Dobos Torte
96. Boston Cream Pie
97. Petit Fours
98. Yule Log
99. 3-Tiered Cake
100. Mystery Cake (Tomato Soup Cake)
101. Roulade

102. Any of Junior's Cheesecakes
103. New York Cheesecake
104. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake
105. Red Velvet Cheesecake
106. Pumpkin Cheesecake
107. Lemon Cheesecake

108. Slab Pie
109. Tollhouse Pie
110. Dutch Apple Pie
111. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
112. Chocolate Pecan Pie
Concord Grape Pie
114. Lemon Meringue Pie
115. Raspberry Chiffon Pie
Banana Cream Pie
117. Coconut Cream Pie
118. Chess Pie
119. Neapolitan Easter Pie
120. Grasshopper Pie
121. Peanut Butter Pie
122. Banoffee Pie
123. French Silk Pie
124. Blueberry Pie
125. Triple Berry Pie
Pumpkin Pie with Fresh Pumpkin

127. Glazed Fruit Tart
128. Tarte Tatin
129. Galette
130. Linzertorte
131. Frangipane Tart

Spoon Desserts
132. Spoon Bread
Rice Pudding
134. Chocolate Pudding
135. Butterscotch Pudding
136. Souffle
137. Mousse
138. Panacotta
139. Pots de Creme
140. The Pioneer Woman's Bread Pudding
141. New Orleans Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce
142. Apple Brown Betty
143. Blueberry Buckle
144. Clafouti
145. Slump
146. Sticky Toffee Pudding
147. Chocolate Lava Cake

148. Hot Water Pie Crust
149. Cream Horns/Polka Rolls
150. Bear Claws
151. Cannoli
152. Croissants
153. Danish Pinwheels
154. Strudel
155. Pithiviers
156. Turnovers
157. Gougeres
158. Sfogliatelle
159. Napoleons
160. Palmiers

161. Sherbet
162. Semifreddo
163. Baked Alaska
164. Cookies and Cream Icebox Cake

165. Sunday Bread (Tsoureki)
166. Easter Bread (Lambropsomo)
167. New Year's Day Bread (Vasilopita)
168. Tzatziki
169. Spanakopita
170. Pastitsio
171. Moussaka *made it, but never blogged it =\
172. Baklava

173. Crepes
174. Bacon Waffles (this recipe)
175. Dutch Baby/German Pancake
177. Strata
178. Granola
180. Fudge
181. Chocolate Covered Bacon
182. Baked Spiced Apples
183. Pavlova
184. Creme Fraiche
185. Zabaglione

Okay... so it's closer to a Top 200... What can I say???


Anonymous said...

Monkey Bread!

Destini said...

Impressive list!!

Amanda said...

This list is so ambitious!

If I were to compile a list like this, I would totally include things that I'd already made just so there would be something to check off immediately. It's so daunting!

lucyinaz said...

Wow! Great list! What a great idea! Were these just at the top of your head? :)

Ingrid said...

Holy cow! You better get to baking! Btw, where's the link to those recipes? Some of those look really interesting.

Can't wait to see everything!

McKenzie said...

Umm . . . could you move next door to me, please? I promise to help you bake in exchange for treats. I might even help do dishes!
Seriously, good luck with this list - can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Maria said...

I am craving sweets now:)

Bianca said...

That's so ambitious! I love it. I think I want to come have baking parties with you haha

Danae said...

I totally want to make a list of my own! I'd have to do some research though cause I don't think I could come up with 100 off the top of my head!

Natalie said...

Great idea! I might attempt to make a list as well except it might be 1262 items long. BTW, Ina Garten has the BEST rugelach recipe...it's my favorite!

P.S. I love your blog :)

Paris Pastry said...

Good idea! I actually have a bunch of things scribbled down on paper what I want to bake, or things that I could include in a poll. One of those things is Martha's Challah bread!

I love the sweet yeast bread list. I'm the biggest bread-lover on this planet :D!

Mermaid Sweets said...

Love the list, can't wait to see all the delicious posts =)

Dajana said...

What a great idea!
If you need an idea for strudel, let me know - it's my favorite dessert

apparentlyjessy said...

It's an awesome way to keep track of your goals! I can't wait to see you start to get through it! Savoury cupcakes...hmm I am intrigued with what you will come up with!

Domestic Ambitions said...

Wow! What a great list! I just found your blog a couple of days ago and I LOVE IT! I'm going to try to make your Cappucino Hi-Hats for my mom on Mother's Day! (I hope I can) I'll be posting pictures on my blog! (good or bad) Thanks for the great recipes!!!

Maria said...

To answer your ABin5 question-we let the bread rest for at least 40 mins. usually longer though, maybe 90 mins. It doesn't raise a ton, it gets a little bigger or puffier. Have you tried a baguette? Those are fun and turn out great. The pizza crust is amazing too!

Happy cook said...

You can make all those delicous baking and i will come here and pick the recipe so i can make them too :-)

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

What a great list. I can't wait for you to make them, so I can get the recipes and make them for myself :P
Except for the breads, your list is almost identical to mine, excluding some stuff I haven't ever heard of. WTH is Sfogliatelle? Lol

Good luck baking them, and I'd suggest you try the brownies from amy's bread too. They are posted on Bake or Break, and are great :-)

A Slice of Concentrated Love said...

As a matter of fact. My b-day is 9/9. That's right, 9-9-09. Can't forget it.

thereddeer said...

Holy cow - that is a mammoth list!!!

So much baking and cooking to do, and so little time ;)

Can't wait to see you get through it all - it all sounds delicious!

Cera said...

Hey, I just wanna say thanks for posting this. It inspired me to not only create my own top 100, but also to start my own blog. Thanks again! Oh and here's a link to my page just in case... The Baking Student

MJ said...

ah! love this idea! totally need to steal it!

also-LOVE your blog. I've been reading it for over a year now but have never had the courage to comment! your stuff is always so good looking!

Hannah said...

This is such a good list! I may steal it!

larie said...

That's such a fun idea! I have a list somewhere that wasn't supposed to be anything as ambitious as a top 100, but it kept accumulating as I kept browsing websites and books...so I think it's pretty close now. The baking is fun, but sometimes I think it's more fun just to cross something off the list. :) Also, like MJ, I've been reading your blog for a while now but am usually too shy to say anything...but I love your creations. So yummy and pretty looking. Thanks for all the recipes and ideas!

Pinky said...

My mouth was watering reading over this. There are a number of things on the list I haven't made or had in awhile...
I'm especially craving plum clafouti right now. We made that at one of my jobs for a special, and I just adored the stuff!

Jodi said...

love that list!! several of my favs are on there too :D

Eliana said...

This is great. I wanna make a list like this for myself now.

the25thyear said...

Good luck! you make me want to make one of my own :)

Siobhan said...

wow that is an impressive list!! can't wait to see the blog posts on all of these! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, impressive! I am inspired.

I'm wondering, though, what you consider a "Mazurka" to be? I know it as the Polish dance I learned as a little kid.

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Hmm I first saw mazurkas on CakeSpy. They're like fruit & oat bars... it's an oat crust, then a layer of fruity jam, then a crumbled oat topping! :)